Sink your Teeth into Richmond

September 15th, 2010

While staying in Richmond, we suggest that you eat like the locals do.  And were would that be you might ask? Well, we are happy to help by sharing a few of the “famous” restaurants in Richmond that you may have seen come across your TV screen, receiving national attention for their delectable delights.

The Travel Channel’s Man vs. Food recently visited our fair city and featured, among others, The Black Sheep and Caliente. The Black Sheep located in the Carver district of Richmond is a fun quirky dining experience. The restaurant is most known for their two foot long battleships subs. These subs come with some not-so-traditional ingredients, but they will be sure to satisfy your huge appetite and your taste buds.

If you are looking for a little bit of spice in your life Caliente is the place. They are home to the Stupid Wings which are so hot people cannot continue eating after just one. But if you manage to eat eight of them under thirty minutes you get yourself a t-shirt as a souvenir. If you are not into crying in public over wings, then the menu is full of other delicious items in which to choose.

BBQ is synonymous with the South and if in the mood, check out Ronnie’s Ribs, Wings, and Other Things, which was featured on both The View and The Best Thing I ever Ate. If you like down home southern style cooking this is the place for you. Stop by and enjoy their famous ribs. Also, be prepared this is not a sit down fancy restaurant it is grab and go. So, why not take advantage of this and bring a picnic to perennial favorite Maymont.

We were also thrilled to learn that Tuffy Stone, owner of Q Barbecue and A Sharper Palate (a frequent Caterer at the Mansion) is regularly featured on TLC’s BBQ Pitmasters.

There are always a million great things to do when visiting Richmond, and now you can run elbows with some of our very own foodie celebrities.

See You Soon.
Paula & Martin Ramirez

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