B&Bs for Vets

September 30th, 2010

When the West Virginia B&B Association began the “Bed and Breakfasts for Vets” program in 2009, we were happy to join over 400 other Bed and Breakfasts in this great cause.

As Kathleen Panek, owner of the Gillum House in Shinnston, WV, and the leader of the initiative noted:

“We just wanted to say thank you to the courageous men and women from our armed forces. These are some trying times for anyone serving or who has served and a good night’s rest is our way to say, thank you.”

The initiative has received press coverage and we were delighted when the Mansion was asked to be featured.

Each participating B&B will provide at least one complimentary room on the eve of Veteran’s Day for active and retired military.

For more information- http://www.newser.com/article/d9ih7oqg1/wva-womans-idea-gets-400-bbs-to-offer-military-families-free-stay-for-veterans-day.html

See you soon,
Martin & Paula Ramirez

Source: www.bnbsforvets.org

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