Best of 2010 Mansion Weddings: Tiffanie and Shane

January 31st, 2011

We’re back for our final best of 2010 Mansion Weddings- and today, we’re happy to share the wedding of Tiffanie and Shane.

We asked Tiffanie to share some of her favorite parts of her Wedding day and she shared the following:

“The way Mankin Staff made everything run so smoothly. There was never a second were I had to worry about anything. They made sure all of the details I had outlined were exactly as I had envisioned. Shane and I had a wonderful, perfect, carefree day!

Seeing all of the smiles of our of our friends and families faces.  Being able to have our ceremony and reception so close together that allowed everyone to have a really good time.

The ceremony was perfect! The flowers, the mansion grounds..everything was magical.

Martin did an amazing job with the music at the reception! Everyone was up and dancing the entire night. There was one point when i looked around and there were hardly anyone sitting down.

The lanterns and lighting once it was dark was perfect! Made it a very cozy and romantic setting.

Being able to stay the night at the Mansion and wake up to breakfast with parents and immediate family was a real treat! It was great to really sit down and reflect about the amazing day that we had!”

Special thanks to Kim Stratton Photography for the images!


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