Best of 2011: Erica and Mark!

January 23rd, 2012

Today, we’re back with our Best of 2011 series, where we get to revisit some of our favorite weddings from last season. Today, we’re thrilled to share the wedding of Erica and Mark!

As Erica told us-

We never could have imagined our wedding day being as wonderful as it was.  Every aspect of it was perfect.  The opportunity to have all of our family and friends together to celebrate our special day at such a magical and charming setting was truly one of a kind.  In addition, the service provided by the Historic Mankin Mansion Staff was impeccable.  As we look back at our pictures and videos we are filled with joy and happiness.  It was a day that we never wanted to end!

Now remember-this year’s blog series is going to be a bit different as each wedding will be featured on the Historic Mankin Mansion Blog and the top three posts with the most blog and Facebook comments will be selected as finalists.  Each wedding will receive one more feature and the one with the most Facebook and blog comments by the deadline will be the winner!  This year, we’re taking it up a notch as we will be hosting a contest along with it for a complimentary overnight room stay at the Mansion, as well as a gift certificate to one of Paula and Martin’s favorite restaurants in town.

So do you just adore Erica and Mark’s wedding and want to help them win? Simply comment on this blog post and let us know why you love this wedding so much. If you’d like to score an extra point for the couple if you visit our Facebook page and comment under the Facebook post in which we share this fabulous feature.

Thanks Erica and Mark for revisiting your Historic Mankin Mansion Wedding Day with us!

See You Soon,
Paula & Martin Ramirez

Paula and Martin Ramirez are the proprietors of Historic Mankin Mansion, a wedding resort and bed and breakfast just minutes from Downtown Richmond. They enjoy new restaurant finds, Virginia wines and discovering fun events and activities throughout the area for their guests.

37 Responses to “Best of 2011: Erica and Mark!”

  1. Ralph and Barbara Hartman Says:

    Mark and Erica’s wedding was our first “outdoor venue” service. Each aspect was beyond belief..right out of a movie set. Even the weather cooperated. Attention to each tiny detail was outstanding…right down to the place settings in the beautiful white tent. It is an afternoon and evening we’ll never forget. The grounds, the mansion and the tent were perfection in every sense of the word. A true “dream” wedding for the entire family.
    Barbara and Ralph Hartman

  2. Sarah Pikal Says:

    Love Erica and Mark! Their wedding was beautiful!

  3. Lisa Lezell Levine Says:

    It was the best wedding I have ever attended, because I was the Mother of the Bride! During this beautiful wedding I felt like I was in the middle of a motion picture, and I was one of the actors. I love my daughter and Mark so much and only wanted them to enjoy this very special wonderful day. Both Erica and I have only one complaint, it is to bad that the festivities could not have continued far into the night. Everything was perfect and what a wonderful introduction to two beautiful lives that have been joined together through their love of each other. Lisa Lezell Levine

  4. David Levine Says:

    Everthing was a perfect, truly a night to remeber. Driving Mark and Erica off at the end of the night in my 1929 Model A was just one of the many hightlights!Being the father of the bride was great too.

  5. Erica Walker Says:

    We loved our wedding day!!!

  6. Jenny Levine Says:

    I’m so happy that my sister got her DREAM wedding. The setting was absolutely beautiful. It was also so nice to have my 2 young children at the wedding and being able to use the special babysitters’ fun room when needed. The tent was perfect and having access to the outdoor cocktails area added a special romantic charm. It was a perfectly beautiful event in every aspect!

  7. Claudia Says:

    Erica and Marks wedding was not only gorgeous because they both have beautiful inner and outer beauty but the mansion surrounds made it more than a perfect evening for their wedding

  8. David Levine Says:

    It was a perfect day! We had a wonderul time celebrating with family and friends and driving Erica and Mark off in the Model A was one of the many highlights!

  9. Moraine Says:

    It was a perfect wedding for a wonderful couple! The ambiance at Mankin Mansion was spectacular!

  10. Carmen Leahy Says:

    As a bridesmaid, I arrived at the mansion hours before most of the guests, and I felt like I had entered a secret garden full of enchantments. The place felt magical–from the oversized outdoor chess board to the cool game room area where the groom and his groomsmen hung out. Mark and Erica’s special day felt like a fairytale, and their love really shone through in every detail.

  11. Sharon Levne Says:

    Wow! What a beautiful, the mansion did an INCREDIBLE job with every aspect of this fairy tail wedding!!

  12. Jess Says:

    An absolutely perfect venue for a wedding! Comfortable, but fancy, great food, every flowed perfectly and we had a wonderful time!!

  13. Gary Walker, MD Says:

    From the moment I set foot on the grounds of the Mansion, I could feel the excitement of the elegant surroundings. The Wedding ceremony was truly incredible with the beautiful staging and comfortable seating. Everyone could see easily and hear very well. The Mansion staff was working quietly and efficiently behind the scenes to make certain everyone in the Wedding party was in place for their part in the big event. The magnificent lawn and gardens were the perfect setting for their enchanting Wedding day. As father of the groom, I could not have been more happy for Mark and Erica.

  14. Safra Says:

    This was by far, the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen. An idyllic southern atmosphere and a beautiful couple!

  15. Ryan Walker Says:

    Mark and Erica had expressed how excited they were about the venue they had chosen for their special day. Once arriving and scouring the venue I was completely amazed by the grounds. I am recreational golfer and this place was groomed like a “Masters” event! It was amazing down to the detail of the transition from day to night with candle lights hanging from the trees. Absolute Fairy Tale Wedding. If your thinking of getting married soon be sure to put the Mankin Mansion on your list to visit.

  16. Karen Sivitz Says:

    Thanks, Erica and Mark, for such a wonderful time with you and your families. The wedding at the mansion was perfect. Great weather, great food, great music and dancing, and great people!

  17. Hannah Says:

    The venue was spectacular and the wedding was run flawlessly. Erica and mark thanks for letting me be part of your special day.

  18. Eddy Says:

    What a spectacular wedding in a truly magical venue. I only wish we could do it again this summer.

  19. Rebecca Says:

    The wedding was absolutely stunning…due to both the mansion and the stunning bride and groom themselves of course!

  20. Sandy Hopper Says:

    And the Oscar goes to….Erica and Mark !!!I think my sister Renee, Mark’s aunt, described it best. “This wedding makes me feel like I’m really experiencing a fairytale!” How could the many families and friends not have had a good time in such a magical setting which was so perfectly choreographed and then memorialized in an joyful photo gallery? I feel we all shared in the BLESSING of their union that wedding day in May.

  21. Danielle Fronczak Says:

    Erica and Mark had an amazing wedding! The atmosphere was so fun and relaxing! I loved the cocktail hour out on the lawn! It was absolutely perfect!!!!

  22. Kristen Smidstra Says:

    Erica and Mark’s wedding was so elegant! The mansion had beautiful grounds and we all had a blast!

  23. Candace Says:

    Beautiful wedding!!

  24. Hillary Levine Says:

    What a perfect day!

  25. Don Magid Says:

    We truly enjoyed Erica and Mark’s wedding day it was a night to remember!

  26. Alexandra Magid Says:

    I loved being a Junior Bridesmaid at Erica and Mark’s wedding. It was such a special occasion.

  27. Rhett Hartman Says:

    I had a blast, especially meeting all the friends and family on both sides of the aisle. I really liked that saxaphone guy who played during the dancing.

    One memorable memory(?) is when I was one of three or four guys who hoisted the groom in his chair, while Erica had like 18 people lifting her chair. It might have looked like we were struggling to keep the chair up, but it was all an act on our part to make sure he knew what a near-death experience was like. After that, the marriage thing might not be that big a deal. Hopefully we didn’t scar him for life.

    All the best you all, and if you need another chair lift scare, just give me a ring and I’ll be on the plane tomorrow. Cheers.

  28. Connie Bagby Says:

    My husband and I loved being a part of Mark and Erica’s beautiful wedding at the mansion. The day was perfect with beautiful blue skies to compliment the beautiful grounds and home. I can’t imagine a more perfect setting for a wedding.

  29. Joan Says:

    My first trip to Richmond VA was for Mark and Erica’s wedding! What a beautiful and memorable weekend!

  30. Penny Foley Says:

    Enjoyed the wedding so much.. It was a fantastic setting and everything seemed to be perfect. The gardens were fantastic. It really was a fairy tale wedding.

  31. Mark Walker Says:

    My bride made the perfect venue selection for our magical celebration (i think she she did ok with her groom choice too). The entire event was more than we could have ever wished for. From the perfect weather, the amazing ambiance, the flawless execution, and most of all the tremendous love and support expressed from all our family and friends. Thank you for all for making 5.29.11 a day to remember and cherrish always.

  32. Susan Sheldon Says:

    A joyous occasion and what a beautiful Couple-Erica and Mark!

  33. Christopher Sheldon Says:

    Erica and Mark, it was an honor to be there ! A perfect Couple and a Beautiful occasion!

  34. Lisa L. Levine Says:

    My daughter’s wedding was beautiful, and everything I hoped it would be. You all did a great job, and I wished it would have continued all night long. My daughter and Mark were so happy. What a wonderful way to start their lives together. Lisa Lezell Levine, Mom of Erica Ida Levine

  35. Lisa L. Levine Says:

    The wedding was beautiful. It will be in my thoughts forever. My daughter Erica was so happy. What a wonderful way for Mark and Erica to begin their lives together. Lisa Lezell Levine, Mom of Erica

  36. Lisa L. Levine Says:

    This is the third time I have tried to type this. What a wonderful event and a beautiful way for Erica and Mark to begin their lives together. Lisa L. Levine

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