HMM Best of: The Top Three!

February 22nd, 2012

Well, it’s about that time.. we’ve just been amazed at all of the wonderful brides who have come back to share their Big Day with us with The Best of 2011 Wedding series. Our sincerest thanks to our brides, the photographers and those who have supported them with all of their lovely thoughts and comments.

It was a close race, but we did narrow the contest down to three weddings, who received the most blog and Facebook comments. Congrats to the following brides:

Jaimie and Christopher

Erica and Mark

Megan and Brandon

Now it’s time to find our winner! Once again, we’ll be counting blog comments¬† and Facebook posts. There are TWO ways to get votes:

  1. Comment on THIS blog post and tell us who should be declared the winner. :)
  2. Encourage your fans to become fans of our Facebook Page. This is for new fans only- have them “like” us over at and to count, they’ll need to post on our Facebook wall and let us know!

The contest ends on Sunday February 26 at 11:59am, and then we’ll be back early next week with our winner, who will receive a complimentary stay at the Mansion as well as a gift certificate to one of Martin and Paula’s favorite restaurants.

Good luck to our brides!

See You Soon,
Paula & Martin Ramirez

Paula and Martin Ramirez are the proprietors of Historic Mankin Mansion, a wedding resort and bed and breakfast just minutes from Downtown Richmond. They enjoy new restaurant finds, Virginia wines and discovering fun events and activities throughout the area for their guests.

457 Responses to “HMM Best of: The Top Three!”

  1. Samantha Green Says:

    Megan & Brandon!!

  2. Leanne McSween Says:

    Megan and Brandon!

  3. Amy Adams Says:

    Megan and Brandon!!! What a beautiful wedding!

  4. Verity Watson Says:

    Megan & Brandon!

  5. Dwight Says:

    Jaimie and Chris! THEIR picture explains it all :)

  6. Deserae Barney Says:

    Megan & Brandon!

  7. Beth Says:

    Megan and Brandon!

  8. Ginny Brauer Says:

    Megan and Brandon!! Cutest bride and groom EVER! :)

  9. Brooke Sumners Says:

    Jaimie and Chris!!

  10. Steve Says:

    Jaimie and Christopher!

  11. Carolyn Rosado Says:

    All 3 are lovely but Megan and Brandon is my pick! :)

  12. Nina Says:

    Jaimie & Chris

  13. Mark Says:

    Jamie and Chris

  14. susan Says:

    Jaimie and Chris!!!! the two of them are so in love and deserve to be #1

  15. hayley Says:

    jaimie and chris!!!

  16. sue Says:

    Jaimie and Chris

  17. Johnny Says:

    Jaimie and Chris!

  18. Lauren Says:


  19. Jennifer Reed Says:

    Jaimie and Chris!!!

  20. Brian Thompson Says:

    Jaimie and Chris!! They are so sweet together!!

  21. Sandra Says:

    Megan and Brandon!

  22. angela flournoy Says:

    jamie and chris!

  23. Nancy Says:

    Jaimie & Chris!

  24. Tracy Martin Says:

    Jami and Christopher for sure ! A marriage made in heaven!!!!

  25. Lauren Chance Says:

    Megan and Brandon! Beautiful wedding and an amazing couple!

  26. Lynne K Says:

    Jaimie and Chris!!

  27. Joe Reser Says:

    Megan and Brandon!

  28. Lynne Says:

    Jaimie and Christopher for sure!

  29. Katie Wolfrey Says:

    Megan and Brandon!!!

  30. Sarah Watson Says:

    Megan and Brandon without a doubt!

  31. Jackson Kibler Says:

    Megan and Brandon because of the Quesadilla bar!

  32. Verity Watson Says:

    Megan and Brandon!!!

  33. Jackson Kibler Says:

    Megan and Brandon had a Quesadilla bar, hands down awesome!

  34. Patric Says:

    Jamie And Chris!!

  35. Liz Says:

    Jamie and Christopher!!

  36. jaimebenjamin Says:

    Jaimie and chris your wedding was PERFECt love you both

  37. Rachel Tippett Says:

    Jaimie and Chris!

  38. John Keyser Says:

    Jaimie and Chris. Great wedding, great people, awesome photo!

  39. Phil Borders Says:

    Megan and Brandon, without a doubt!

  40. Lauren Chance Says:

    Megan & Brandon! A beautiful wedding and an amazing couple!

  41. jaime Says:

    JAIMIE AND CHRIS! the wedding was PERFECT! I love them both!

  42. Rachel Henderson Says:


  43. Allyson Says:

    Megan and Brandon!

  44. Jason A Says:

    Megan and Brandon hands down!

  45. Robyn Zeller Says:

    Megan & Brandon!!!

  46. Chelsea Says:

    Jaimie and Christopher

  47. Rebecca Says:

    Jaimie and Christopher!!!!!! Could it be more obvious!!!!

  48. Jade Says:

    JAMIE AND CHRIS! They definitely need to win.

  49. Suzanne Sykes Says:

    Megan & Brandon!! Gorgeous wedding!!

  50. Carrol Brown Says:

    Megan and Brandon’s Wedding.

    Megan’s picture truly captures a special moment of the bride.

  51. Brenda Worthington Says:

    Megan & Brandon!!!!!

  52. Brenda Worthington Says:

    Megan and Brandon!

  53. Katie Lane Says:

    Megan and Brandon!

  54. Paul Hemming Says:

    Megan & Brandon!

  55. JC Ehredt Says:

    Megan & Brandon!

  56. Beki Says:

    Megan and Brandon!

  57. Caroline Says:

    Jamie and christoper! Their photo that really captures LOVE! :)

  58. Jake miller Says:

    Megan n brAndon

  59. Jayne Kirkland Says:

    Jami and Chris

  60. Hoper R. Says:


  61. Cathy Flinn Says:

    Megan and Brandon!

  62. Maria Says:

    Jamie and Chris

  63. Desiree Says:

    Jaimie and Chris!!

  64. Katlin Ryan Says:

    Jaimie and Chris!

  65. Casey Todorow Says:

    Jaimie and Chris

  66. Kristy C. Says:

    Jaimie and Chris

  67. Laura Moran Says:

    Megan & Brandon!!! BEST. WEDDING. EVER!!

  68. Nidhal Abaza Says:


  69. Judy Says:

    My vote is for Brandon and Megan

  70. Melanie Williams Says:

    Megan and Brandon! Such an amazing wedding!

  71. Cassie Says:

    Jaime & Chris….Only b/c they are so special!

  72. Julie Says:

    Jamie and Chris—–such a lovely couple–they are so in LOVE!!!!

  73. Danielle M Says:

    Megan & Brandon!

  74. Janice Says:

    Megan & Brandon!

  75. Jessica C. Says:

    Megan & Brandon!

  76. Sydney Martin Says:

    jaimie and chirs!

  77. Taylor Woodburn Says:

    I looovee you jaimie<3333

  78. Sydney Martin Says:

    jaimie and chris

  79. Lisa Cockerham Says:

    Megan and Brandon!!

  80. JK in DC Says:

    Megan and Brandon!

  81. sara grau Says:

    Megan and Brandon!

  82. Jennifer Snyder Says:

    Megan and Brandon :)

  83. Rachel H Says:

    Jamie and Chris!!!

  84. Kathi Sanford Says:

    Jaimie and Christopher – love the pic of the beautiful bride AND handsome groom because a wedding is between TWO, after all.

  85. Lindsey Conroy Says:

    Megan and Brandon!!!! Such a perfect and beautiful wedding :)

  86. Sarah Carter Says:

    Megan & Brandon!!!

  87. Diane Vidoni Says:

    Jaimie and Chris

  88. John Vidoni Says:

    Jaimie and Chris

  89. Morgan Says:

    Jaimie and Chris!!

  90. Debbie Green Says:

    Megan and Brandon, of course!

  91. David Green Says:

    Megan and Brandon!

  92. Carrie Rehberg Says:

    My favorite couple, Megan and Brandon

  93. Chantel Mazo Says:

    Jaimie and Chris!

  94. Megan Kelley Says:

    Jaimie and Chris!!!!!!! I love them!!! :)

  95. Charlotte Says:

    Megan and Brandon!

  96. Patreka Romer Says:

    Jaimie and Chris!

  97. Nemesie Esteves Says:

    Jaimie and Chris!

  98. Cory Hurtado Says:

    Jaimie and Chris.

  99. Joanne Says:

    Megan & Brandon!

  100. Dwyane Says:

    Megan & Brandon!

  101. Jacelyn Says:

    Megan & Brandon!

  102. Katie Duerden Says:

    Megan & Brandon!

  103. Carson Shoffstall Says:

    Definitley Megan & Brandon!

  104. brittany Says:

    Jaime and chris

  105. Elaine Winget Says:

    Jaimie and Chris for sure! They are a fantastic couple!

  106. Morgan Says:

    Jaimie and Chris

  107. Dan Winget Says:

    Chris and Jaimie should win!!! Great wedding!

  108. Noah Winget Says:

    I vote for Aunt Jaimie and Uncle Chris….best wedding ever!

  109. Eric Winget Says:

    Jaimie and Chris….all the way….awesome wedding!

  110. Lauren Smith Says:

    Jaimie and Chris !!!!!!! they are perfection and deserrrrve to win.

  111. Vinnie Rios Says:

    Jaimie & Chris, best wedding ever

  112. Teresa Lea Says:

    Jaimie and Chris deserve to win!!!

  113. Douglas Says:

    Jaimie & Chris all the way!

  114. Meredith Piccolomini Says:

    Jamie and Chris!!!

  115. Cassandra Says:

    Jaimie and Chris! Had so much fun at their wedding!

  116. Carley Says:


  117. Dale Says:

    Jaimie and Chris!

  118. Jane N Says:

    Megan and Brandon!

  119. Sue Gehlich Says:

    Jaimie & Chris-what a wonderful wedding!

  120. Lynne Says:

    Megan & Brandon!

  121. Mindy Merryman Says:

    Megan & Brandon!!!

  122. Kathy Dills Says:

    Jaimie & Chris – I will never forget their day! It was absolutely unbelievable.

  123. Amanda Bencs Says:

    Megan & Brandon!!!!!!!!!

  124. Hillary Levine Says:

    Erica and Mark!

  125. David Levine Says:

    For sure Erica and Mark!!!!!!!

  126. Terry Bagley Says:

    Jaimie and Chris

  127. Lynn Says:


  128. Ann Means Says:

    I vote Megan and Brandon!

  129. Brooke Cramer Says:

    Megan and Brandon, no doubt!

  130. Brenda Brumfield Says:

    Megan and Brandon!

  131. Rachel Says:

    Erica and Mark! :)

  132. Michelle Lemke Says:

    Megan and Brandon!!

  133. Helen Keyser Webb Says:

    Chris & Jamie absolutely.

  134. Chaz Says:

    Jamie and Christopher!

  135. Lamonte Smith Says:


  136. Bianca West Says:


  137. Angelica West Says:

    Brandon an Megan are the best!

  138. Kathy West Says:

    Brandon and Megan are the best!

  139. Kaitlin Martain Says:

    Brandon and Megan!

  140. Rachel HARGIS Says:

    Brandon and Megan!

  141. Jessie Lloyd Says:

    Brandon and Megan!

  142. Christine T Holland Says:

    Megan and Brandon!

  143. Cindy Green Says:

    Brandon and Megan!

  144. Kaitlin Says:

    Jamie and Chris! Match made in Heaven!

  145. Shelley Says:

    Without question…Erica and Mark!!!

  146. Aunt in STL Says:

    Erica and Mark by a long shot…just look at those beautiful photos!!!

  147. Prince and Mittens Says:

    Oh my gosh…we’re kitty cats and can even see that Erica and Mark are the absolute best!!

  148. Steve Says:

    Erica and Mark…Erica and Mark…Erica and Mark!!!

  149. Grandma King Says:

    Mark and Erica. Take grandma’s word for it!

  150. Greg McSween Says:

    Megan and Brandon

  151. Aunt Shelley Says:

    Erica and Mark. No doubt about it!

  152. Leanne Kibler Says:

    Megan and Brandon!!!

  153. Stuart Arnowitz Says:

    Erica n mark for sure!!!

  154. jeff Says:

    jamie and chris

  155. Michael Martin Says:

    Jaimie and Chris, hands down!!!

  156. Dale Cummings Says:

    jaimie and christopher :)

  157. megan Says:

    Jamie and Chris!

  158. Melissa Daniels Says:

    Jamie and Chris

  159. Lee Lee Says:

    LEE LEE said great job Chris & Jamie most beautiful wedding every.

  160. Bubba L Says:

    Bubba said that the wedding was great .

  161. Kate Says:

    Erica and Mark!

  162. LEE LEE Says:

    lee lee said Chris & Jamie did a great job and the most beautiful wedding i have every seen.

  163. Blair Anders Says:

    Megan and Brandon 100%. Their wedding was absolutely beautiful! :)

  164. Bubba L Says:

    Bubba said it was a beautiful wedding.

  165. Lisa Levine Says:

    Erica and Mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  166. Sharon Levne Says:

    Love Erica and Mark!!!

  167. Alex Golub-Sass Says:

    Erica and Mark!

  168. Lisa Levine Says:

    Erica and Mark, best couple ever!

  169. Lisa Levine Says:

    Erica and Mark!!!

  170. David Levine Says:

    Erica and Mark, what a beautiful couple!

  171. Claudia Says:

    Absolutely the most gorgeous photo of a bride I have ever seen Erica and Mark!!!

  172. Tammy Says:

    Jaimie and Christopher!

  173. Jess Says:

    Erica & Mark! Wonderful wedding!

  174. Linda Doles Says:

    Jaimie and Christopher

  175. Susan Sheldon Says:

    Erica and Mark! Gorgeous, Spectacular Couple at Perfect Wedding!

  176. Mattie Shifflett Says:

    Megan & Brandon!

  177. battlechooch Says:

    Jamie and Chris no doubt.

  178. Skylar Says:

    Jaimie & Chris

  179. Diane Says:


  180. Hope Ragland Says:

    jaimie and chris!

  181. Taylor Says:

    Jamie and Chris!

  182. Sherry Kelley Says:

    Jamie and Christopher. :)

  183. Ashley Drake Says:

    Jaimie and Chris!

  184. Glen Kelley Says:

    Jaimie and Christopher <3

  185. Pauline Proffitt Says:

    Megan and Brandon :)

  186. George Says:

    Megan & Brandon

  187. Rebecca Says:

    Erica and Mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  188. Hannah Says:

    Erica and mark are such a stunning couple!

  189. Scott Says:

    Jaimie and Christopher

  190. luis Says:

    jaimie and chris!

  191. Jess Says:

    Megan & Brandon

  192. Greg Says:

    Megan and Brandon

  193. Brian Says:

    Megan and Brandon

  194. Ruth Says:

    Megan and Brandon

  195. Bella Walls Says:

    Megan & Brandon! Beautiful picture!

  196. Josh Says:

    Megan and Brandon hands down!

  197. Barbara Sykes Says:

    Megan & Brandon

  198. Adam Rehberg Says:

    Megan and Brandon

  199. Denisse Ramirez Says:

    Megan and Brandon

  200. George Wolfe Says:

    Megan & Brandon

  201. Art Williams Says:

    Megan & Brandon deserve it!

  202. Emily Says:

    Brandon and Megan!!

  203. Frances Says:

    Megan and Brandon

  204. Marc Lux Says:

    Megan and Brandon

  205. Amanda Loving Says:

    Megan and Brandon

  206. Carol H Says:

    Megan & Brandon

  207. Moraine Says:

    Erica and Mark!!!

  208. Jess Says:

    Megan and Brandon!!!!

  209. Amie Says:

    Megan and Brandon!

  210. tyler Says:

    Jaimie and Chris for sure!

  211. Jessica Gillespie Says:

    Megan and Brandon!

  212. Glenna Says:

    Megan and Brandon! Brandon and Megan!

  213. Sharon Says:

    Erica & Mark!

  214. Sue Says:

    Megan and Brandon!

  215. Bill Says:

    Megan and Brandon!

  216. Angela Jordan Says:

    Megan & Brandon!!

  217. Tisha Says:

    Megan and Brandon!

  218. Trifon M. Perges Says:

    I go for Megan and Brandon. Their wedding was indeed a reflection of true love and trusting relationship.They compliment and supplement to each other. The ambiance of the place brought more meaning and emphasis on how two individuals surrender themselves and accept their differences. ADELANTE!!!!!!!

  219. Marilyn Rice Says:

    Megan and Brandon!

  220. Cynthia Says:

    Jaimie and Chris, of course!

  221. Rick Says:

    Jaimie and Chris!

  222. Nichole Says:

    Erica and Mark!

  223. Bobbi Shields Says:

    Megan and Brandon!

  224. marilyn hernandez Says:

    Jaimie and Chris!

  225. Bijjan Shirvani Says:

    Jaimie and Chris!

  226. Robert Jaime Says:

    Jaimie and Chris!

  227. Traci Says:

    Megan and Brandon :)

  228. Adam rehberg Says:

    Brandon and Megan Rehberg!!!!!!

  229. Richard Rehberg Says:

    Brandon and Megan!

  230. Robbie Rehberg Says:

    Brandon and Megan Rehberg.

  231. Sharon Holcombe Says:

    Megan and Brandon!

  232. Kristin Sheppard Says:

    Erica & Mark

  233. Alexandra Magid Says:

    Erica and Mark it was so much fun being part of their wedding day!

  234. Don Magid Says:

    My vote is Erica and Mark!

  235. Bud Lezell Says:

    Erica and Mark! and I loved being the grandfather of the bride

  236. Karen Says:

    Jaimie and Chris!

  237. Gary Walker, MD Says:

    Mark & Erica great wedding.

  238. Gary Walker, MD Says:

    Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful.

  239. Trudy Says:

    Jaimie & Chris – cutest ring bearer and flower pooch

  240. Jenny Says:

    Erica and Mark deserve this special honor!!!

  241. Cathy Vail Says:

    Jaimie and Chris!!

  242. Sarah Moran Says:

    Megan and Brandon!!!

  243. Jim and Cindy Culberson Says:

    Brandon and Megan

  244. Stuart Says:

    Christopher & Jaimie!

  245. Stephan Dillardson Says:

    Jaimie and Christopher, definitely!

  246. Stuart Says:

    Jaimie & Christopher.

  247. Fredrich Says:

    Jaimie and Christopher!!!! Wonderful wedding!

  248. Matthew Says:

    Amazing Wedding, Jaimie and Chris. Had tons of fun, Mankin Mansion was beautiful!

  249. Ulrich Gvconzki Says:

    Amazing vedding jamie and chris!

  250. Peter Liang Says:

    Awesome wedding Jaimie and Chris! Thank you for including our crew!

    -Peter Liang
    Office Manager

  251. Haley Liang Says:

    Jaimie and Chris. Absolutely beautiful wedding! We had a blast. Thank you!!!!


  252. Lynne Says:

    Jaimie & Chris

  253. Bryan Says:

    Jaimie & Chris

  254. Derrick Smith Says:

    Christopher & Jaimie!!!!

  255. Andrew Says:

    Jaimie & Christopher

  256. Ryan Robins Says:

    Jaimie & Christopher! Wedding pictures look great! Wish I could have made it!

  257. Noreen Benjamin Says:

    Jaimie & Chris A modern day true Classic Love Story <3

  258. Desi Says:

    Jaimie & Chris

  259. Ashley Says:

    Thank you for inviting us!!!!

    Jaimie & Christopher!!!1

  260. James Says:

    Chris & Jaimie

  261. J. S. Says:

    Jaimie & Chris

    Thank you for inviting me, I had a wonderful time. Your wedding was b-e-a-u-tiful!

  262. Steve Says:

    Jaimie & Chris

  263. John Says:

    Chris & Jaimie

  264. Patrick Says:

    Megan and Brandon!

  265. Richard Rehberg Says:

    Megan and Brandon, the best of all.

  266. Stephanie guerra Says:

    Megan & Brandon!!!

  267. Amy Says:

    Jaimie and Chris!!!!!!!!!!

  268. Johanna Bareford Says:

    Jaimie and Chris have my vote!

  269. Brittany Says:

    Megan and Brandon!

  270. Chip Shomper Says:

    Megan and Brandon

  271. Erica Says:

    Erica and Mark!!

  272. Sam Ryan Says:

    Mark and Erica remind me of weddings are made of. Beautiful

  273. Susan Endersby Says:

    Megan & Brandon

  274. Anita Morris Says:

    Megan and Brandon:)

  275. Peggy Longtain Says:

    Megan & Brandon

  276. Mitch Chance Says:

    Megan and Brandon!!

  277. Marta Chance Says:

    Megan and Brandon!!!!

  278. Autumn Says:

    Megan & Brandon

  279. heather Says:

    Megan and Brandon

  280. Karen Mark Says:

    Erica and Mark awesome wedding!

  281. Julea Moran Says:

    Megan and Brandon! Perfect and beautiful <3

  282. Kristen Smidstra Says:

    Congratulations Erica and Mark!

  283. JoAnne Harner Says:

    Megan and Brandon

  284. Elizabeth Says:

    Megan and Brandon

  285. Scott Bailey Says:

    Megan and Brandon

  286. Pellegreen Says:

    Megan and Brandon

  287. Beth Rocheck Says:

    Megan and Brandon rock!

  288. Patti Says:

    Brandon and Megan

  289. Andrea Says:

    Erica & Mark!!!

  290. Scott Bailey Says:

    Jaimie and Chris

  291. Pellegreen Says:

    Jaimie and Chris

  292. Clifford Moag Says:

    Jaimie and Chris

  293. Melodi Says:

    Jaimie and Chris!

  294. Robin Says:

    Megan & Brandon!

  295. Sandy Says:

    Megan & Brandon

  296. Brandy Says:

    Megan & Brandon

  297. Phillip Says:

    Megan and Brandon! They were even featured on Style Me Pretty!

  298. DonnaLea Says:

    Jaimie and Chris

  299. Auntie Sue Says:

    Megan and Brandon Awesome couple… lovely wedding

  300. Dorothy Says:

    Jaimie and Chris!!

  301. Arthur Says:

    Jaimie and Chris! :)

  302. Gordon Says:

    Jaimie and Chris! Wish I could have been there.

  303. Olivia Says:

    Chris and Jaimie

  304. Kate B. Says:

    Jaimie and Chris :) :)

  305. Wilford Brimley Says:

    Jaimie and Chris, congratulations on your marriage.

  306. Sophia Says:

    Jaimie and Chris!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  307. Hubert Cumberdale Says:

    Jaimie and Christopher

  308. Julie Says:

    Jaimie and Chris

  309. Imeshia Says:

    Jaimie & Chris!!

  310. Amy Says:

    Jamie and Chris!

  311. Chad Says:

    Megan and Brandon of course!

  312. Kellie Rosser Says:

    Jaimie and Chris most definately!!!!

  313. Jean Says:

    Jaimie and Chris

  314. Linda Johnson Says:

    Jaimie and Chris! Beautiful Wedding, the best!

  315. Jenski685 Says:

    Erica and Mark for sure!!

  316. Marjory Stewert-Baxster Says:

    Jaimie & Chris!

  317. Jeremy Fisher Says:

    Jaimie and Chris!

  318. Julie Jones Says:

    Megan & Brandon

  319. Allison Walton Says:

    Brandon & Megan

  320. Jay Craig Says:

    Megan & Brandon!

  321. Tom Says:

    Jaumie and Chris

  322. Christine Says:

    Jaimie and Chris

  323. Alex Says:

    Jaimie and Chris

  324. Tommy Says:

    Jaimie and Chris

  325. Tom Says:

    Jaimie and Chris

  326. Danielle Says:

    Megan and Brandon.

  327. Danielle Says:

    Megan and Brandon, please.

  328. Lauren Faison Says:

    Jaimie and Chris

  329. Shirley Moag Says:

    Jaimie and Chris!

  330. suz Says:

    Erica & Mark!

  331. bill kelley Says:

    chris and jaimie

  332. helen kelley Says:

    Jaimie and Chris

  333. PRMS Says:

    Erica and Mark!

  334. Jerry Says:

    Mark & Erica

  335. Jerry Says:

    Erica & Mark

  336. Andrea Says:

    Jaimie and Chris!

  337. Jennifer treece Says:

    Jaimie & Chris <3

  338. Victoria Says:


  339. Matt Edwards Says:

    JAIMIE and CHRIS!!! It was a ball

  340. Austin Hughes Says:

    Jaimie & Chris!! It was a beautiful wedding with beautiful people, picture perfect you could say.

  341. Chris Says:

    Jaimie & Chris!

  342. Rebecca Banton Says:

    JAIMIE AND CHRIS!!!!! Love you both!

  343. Matthew Says:

    Chris and Jaimie

  344. Steve Says:

    Jaimie and Chris

  345. Minna Says:

    Jaimie & Chris! Loved being apart of their wedding!

  346. Haley Says:

    Obviously Jaime and Chris!!!

  347. Jason Says:

    Jaimie and Chris.

  348. Dianne Says:

    jaimie and christopher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  349. Sandra Says:

    Jaimie & Chris

  350. Frank Says:

    Jaimie and Chris – beautiful photo!

  351. Christine Says:

    Jaimie & Chris! Love you guys!

  352. Tom Says:

    Jaimie and Christopher! Had a blast at their wedding! It was beautiful!

  353. Francis Says:

    My god daughter was beautiful! Jaimie and Chris should win!

  354. Jessi Says:

    Jaimie & Chris!!!!

  355. Ernest Says:

    Jaimie & Christopher

  356. Lauren Says:

    Christopher & Jaimie

  357. Brenda Says:

    Christopher & Jaimie

  358. Sara Says:

    Christopher & Jaimie….most beautiful wedding ever.

  359. Linda Says:

    Christopher & Jaimie

  360. J S Says:

    Chris & Jaimie

  361. Steven Says:

    Jaimie and Chris

  362. Deb Says:

    Jaimie & Chris (:

  363. Frank Says:

    jaimie and chris!

  364. Courtney Says:


  365. Dan Says:

    Jaimie and Chris

  366. Monica Says:

    Jamie and Chris

  367. Travis Says:

    Jaimie + Chris!

  368. Kevin Says:

    Jamie and Chris

  369. Tammy Says:

    Jaimie and Christopher <3

  370. Kevin P. Says:

    Jamie and Chris

  371. Monica Pearce Says:

    Jamie and Chris

  372. Sam Says:

    Jaimie & CHris

  373. Caroline Says:


  374. Clay M. Says:

    jaimie and chris

  375. Joshua Says:

    JAIMIE AND CHRIS! they had the best wedding I’ve ever been to!

  376. Mianna Says:

    Jaimie and Chris!

  377. Katie Says:

    Jaimie & Chris!

  378. Cliff Says:

    Jaimie and Chris should win!

  379. Sally Says:

    Jaimie and Chris…beautiful photos.

  380. Megan Says:

    Jaimie and Chris DUUUHHHH!!!!!

  381. Christopher Says:

    jaimie and chris

  382. Kate Says:

    Jaimie and Chris <333

  383. Alex Says:

    Jaimie and Chris!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  384. Pedro Alejandro Valasquez Says:

    Jaimie and Chris! I love Chris.

  385. Anthony Says:

    Jaimie and Chris

  386. Lizzie Says:


  387. Frank Says:

    Jaimie and Chris

  388. Bradley Says:

    Jaimie and Chris!!

  389. Lorraine Says:

    Megan & Brandon! it was the most beautiful wedding I’ve ever seen!

  390. Buddy Says:


  391. Borders Says:

    Megan and Brandon!

  392. Molly B. Says:

    Megan and Brandon :)

  393. Charles Says:

    Megan and Brandon’s wedding was truly breathtaking!

  394. Drew Says:

    Megan and Brandon!!!

  395. Jamie Says:

    Megan and Brandon!

  396. Kathy Says:

    Megan & Brandon!

  397. Amanda Says:

    Brandon & Megan!!!!!!!!

  398. Jon Hetrick Says:

    Megan and Brandon !

  399. Robin D Says:

    Megan and Brandon for so many reasons.

  400. Liz Says:

    jamie and chris!

  401. Adam Says:

    Brandon and Megan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  402. Rich Rehberg Says:

    Brandon and Megan Rehberg!

  403. Adam Says:

    Brandon and Megan….

  404. Jon G Says:

    It’s obviously Megan and Brandon. Duh.

  405. Trae Says:

    Jaimie & Chris for sure!

  406. Dianne Says:

    Never seen one couple so more in loe and so right for each other.

  407. Minna Says:

    Jaimie and Chris

  408. Dianne Says:

    Jaimie and Chris are my pick!

  409. Eddie Says:

    Megan and Brandon

  410. bryan keane Says:

    jaimie and chris

  411. Dawyan Coleman Says:

    Jamie and Chris

  412. terri lamprinakos Says:

    Megan and Brandon!

  413. Russell Says:

    Megan and Brandon!!!

  414. Lamonte Smith Says:

    Jaime and Chris… hands down!

  415. Joanne Williams Says:

    Megan & Brandon are the greatest!!

  416. Megan Rummel Says:

    Definately Jaimie and Chris!

  417. Rachael Young Says:

    Megan and Brandon!!

  418. Katie Says:

    Megan and Brandon!

  419. Lucas Says:

    Brandon and Megan!

  420. Karen Says:

    Megan and Brandon!!!

  421. Rebecca Says:

    Jaimie & Chris! :)

  422. Betsy Moran Says:


  423. Kieron Moran Says:

    Megan and Brandon!

  424. Brendan Moran Says:

    Megan & Brandon

  425. Sarah Moran Says:

    Megan & Brandon

  426. Celia Kibler Says:

    Megan & Brandon

  427. Rock Kibler Says:

    Megan & Brandon

  428. Candace Rummel Says:

    Jaimie and Chris

  429. Greg Kibler Says:

    Megan and Brandon

  430. Anne Says:

    Jaimie & Chris!

  431. Leanne Ferrier Says:

    Megan and Brandon

  432. Kevin Rummel Says:

    Jaimie and chris

  433. Sam D. Says:

    Jamie and Chris!!!!!

  434. Megan Says:

    Without a doubt JAIMIE AND CHRIS!!!!!

  435. Donna Says:

    Jaimie and chris… U should definitely win

  436. Mary Says:

    Jaimie & chris

  437. Megan Rummel Says:

    Jaimie and Chris!!!!

  438. Candace Rummel Says:

    Jaimie and Chris vote

  439. Kevin Rummel Says:

    Jaimie and Chris vote

  440. Jaylon G Says:

    jaimie and chris’s

  441. Samantha Harper Says:

    jaimie and chris

  442. Amy Heber Says:

    Erica and Mark! Love Them!

  443. Robby Says:

    Jaimie and Chris!

  444. Auntie Sue Says:

    Megan and Brandon Awesome couple….lovely wedding

  445. Meshia Says:

    Jaimie and Chris

  446. Meme Says:

    Chris and Jaimie!!!!!!

  447. Denbeigh Marchant Says:

    Megan & Brandon without a doubt. I’m STILL sore from dancing!!!!

  448. Yoshi L. Says:

    Jaimie and Chris

  449. Cathy Easter Says:

    Jamie and Chris!

  450. amy Says:

    Jamie and Chris

  451. Jim Culberson Says:

    Megan & Brandon – maybe just Megan . . .

  452. Chris Says:

    Jaimie and Christopher

  453. Hatchway Says:

    Jaime and Chris

  454. Karen Says:

    Jaimie and Chris ‚ô•

  455. Belinda Tiedt Says:

    Megan & Brandon!!!!!

  456. And the Winner Is…. | Mankin Mansion Blog Says:

    […] 28th, 2012 Pin itWell what a wonderful and busy past week it has been! As soon as we announced our top three finalists for our Best of 2011 contests, our blog suddenly became THE place to comment. Hundreds upon […]

  457. Chana Rosenthal Says:

    Erica and Mark had a gorgeous wedding at the Mankin Mansion!

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