Q&A with Flowers by Mona Ray!

April 25th, 2012

Let’s face it- flowers can make or break the decor on one’s wedding day, which is why we just LOVE having professionals such as Flowers by Mona Ray on hand to make sure everything goes off without a hitch.

We’ve worked with Mona and her team for many years and were just thrilled that she could take time out of her busy wedding season schedule to chat with us a bit-

How did you get your start in the wedding industry?

I have worked with flowers since I was a child. I have worked in and out of the floral industry for many years. I have a degree in Flower Shop and Greenhouse management and taught Floral Design for many years in public schools along with my Horticulture/Agriculture Classes. When I decided to Home school my son 14 years ago I decided to start a home based wedding flower business and we have grown from there.  We now serve over 200 bridal couples a year and the whole family is involved in the day to day operation.

What question do you find brides asking you the most about wedding flowers?

Cost. Cost is the biggest thing that worries each bride. We work very hard to insure that all brides get the most for their floral budget. Many have misconceptions about what flowers are available when.. So many love the spring flowers and many of them are available year round but the most popular ones are not..

What’s the best thing about working in the wedding industry?

It’s always a happy time. We love seeing the look on our brides faces or hearing from them after the wedding about how much they loved their flowers. Or that we took their vision for flowers and did exactly what they wanted.. It is very humbling to be chosen to participate in the happy occasion of a couple embarking on their new life together..

Any tips you’d like to share with our 2012 brides?

Look at lots of pictures of flowers to get ideas.. Many brides make a file of them.. but it’s better to make a word document and write what you like and dislike about each design.. That way you will remember what you were thinking.. when you share with others..  Email or bring in your ideas so that we will be able to see their vision through their eyes..  Just because it’s in a magazine or online doesn’t mean its available in Richmond, Virginia year round.. Many flowers are seasonal .. we will try to get your flowers in but do have back up choices.. And most importantly.. Have fun with your flowers..

We couldn’t agree more- we just love when our brides have FUN with their wedding flowers. 🙂

If you’d like to get in touch with Mona, feel free to visit her web site today!

Thanks Mona for stopping by!

See You Soon,
~Paula & Martin Ramirez

Paula and Martin Ramirez are the proprietors of Historic Mankin Mansion, a wedding resort and bed and breakfast just minutes from Downtown Richmond. They enjoy new restaurant finds, Virginia wines and discovering fun events and activities throughout the area for their guests.

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