Best of 2012: And the Finalists Are….

February 20th, 2013

Well, it’s about that time.. we’ve just been amazed at all of the wonderful brides who have come back to share their Big Day with us with The Best of 2012 Wedding series. Our sincerest thanks to our brides, the photographers and those who have supported them with all of their lovely thoughts and comments.

It was a close race (even a few ties!), but we did narrow the contest down to five weddings, who received the most blog and Facebook comments. Congrats to the following brides.

Lauren and Andrew


Amberly and Erick


Kelly and Anthony


Erin and Brian


Now it’s time to find our winners! Once again, we’ll be counting blog comments  and Facebook posts. There are TWO ways to get votes:

  1. Comment on THIS blog post and tell us who should be declared the winner. :)
  2. Encourage your fans to become fans of our Facebook Page. This is for new fans only- have them “like” us over at and to count, they’ll need to post on our Facebook wall and let us know!

The contest ends on Sunday February 24 at 11:59am, and then we’ll be back early next week with our winners. Remember- our first place winner will receive a $250 gift certificate to Zeus Gallery while our second place winner will receive a $100 gift certificate to Zeus Gallery.

Good luck to our brides!

See You Soon,
Paula & Martin Ramirez

Paula and Martin Ramirez are the proprietors of Historic Mankin Mansion, a wedding resort just minutes from Downtown Richmond. They enjoy new restaurant finds, Virginia wines and discovering fun events and activities throughout the area for their guests.

140 Responses to “Best of 2012: And the Finalists Are….”

  1. Jennifer Dunn Says:

    Kelly and Anthony’s wedding was a blast! Wonderful southern wedding!

  2. Rachel Says:

    Kelly & Anthony’s wedding should win!! Two of the nicest people in the world!! :)

  3. Drew Puckette Says:

    Call me bias, but I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect wedding. Such a wonderful, fantastic staff at HMM and a special thank you to Martin, Paula, and our special Coordinator, Marylee. A beautiful time was had by all. Thanks for sharing the memories with us!

  4. Danielle lovetro Says:

    Amberly and erick!!!!!!!!

  5. Lindsey Says:

    Hands down Amberly and Erick! The dance moves captured said it all.

  6. Amanda Perkins Says:

    Amberly & Erick should be the winner!

  7. Meg Gaucher Says:

    Browsing Amberly and Erick’s Wedding Photos again at Historic Mankin Mansion Blog makes me More Sorry I was not in attendance! The venue looked Divine and the Bridal Party was Splendid – especially my Lindsey the MOH~

  8. Becky White Says:

    Amberly and Erick are such a beautiful couple!!!

  9. Kathleen Mackey Says:

    Amberly and Erick!!!

  10. Heather Says:

    Amberly and Erick!

  11. Roxene Says:

    Hands down, Kelly and Anthony for a fun evening with fabulous food, music, friends and family!

  12. Randy Roscoe Says:

    My vote for Amberly and Erick, the weekend was unforgettable!

  13. Diane Says:

    Amberly and Erick should definitely win!!

  14. Pat Puckette Says:

    Lauren and Andrew Puckette should be the winners, it was a fairytail wedding. Beautiful place to have a wedding and great people there.

  15. Lauren Says:

    Lauren and Drew!!! :)

  16. Haley Says:

    Lauren and Andrew!!!

  17. Patsy Waller Says:

    Lauren And Andrew Puckette

  18. Katherine Says:

    Lauren & Drew!

  19. Patsy Says:

    Lauren and Drew

  20. Cherie Says:

    Lauren & Drew!

  21. Cherie Says:

    I vote for Drew &. Lauren, my favorite new couple :)

  22. Debbie Puryear Says:

    As mother of the bride I must say Amberly and Erick’s wedding was wonderful. The movie theme was an awesome idea. Unusual to say the least. The bride was beautiful as well as the bridal party. The brother sister dance was awesome not even planned. I VOTE HANDS DOWN. AMBERLY AND ERICK. MR AND MRS ROBERTS

  23. Lynn Says:

    Lauren and Drew!!!

  24. Pat Puckette Says:

    Andrew and Lauren Puckette…fairytail wedding and staff at Mansion was awesom

  25. Gail Long Says:

    Amberly and Eric

  26. Frog Says:

    A wedding like this can never be forgotten!!! It makes all the difference when you are catered to by professionals. Love the way they did things and love the attention given to the honorees.

  27. Connie Says:

    Lauren and Drew should have this wonderful prize because they were the most beautiful couple there and they were seen to be so “in love” that it was experienced by everyone who attended!

  28. Stephanie Says:

    Amberly and Erick have my vote!!!!

  29. Bryan B Says:

    No question about it. Lauren and Drew!! I would drive the 650 miles overnight again any day. Was the best wedding I’ve ever been to with exception to my own. Such a great crowd, family, and weekend!

  30. Alethea Bryant Says:

    Amberly and Erik! Loved the personalized details!

  31. susan warren Says:

    Amberly and Erick should definitely win. They had a wonderful ceremony with their family and friends. Beautiful venue!

  32. Pat Says:

    Andrew and Lauren should be the winner, they are so in love and such a beautiful wedding

  33. Patsy Says:

    Andrew and Lauren Puckette should be your winner. They are such a lovely couple and they deserve something like this

  34. Debbie Moon Says:

    I vote Amberly & Erick to win…. Amberly and Erick make an AwEsOmE couple. The love they have for each other spills over into everything they do. Their wonderful wedding and this beautiful venue was proof of that and they deserve to win!

  35. Katie Says:

    Brian & Erin, without a doubt!!! The most fun and dance filled wedding!!!

  36. Trevor Atkins Says:

    Brian and Erin Sutton should win!!!!!!!!

  37. Cerise Says:

    Erin and Brian should definitely win! Such an amazing couple!

  38. Laura Johnson Says:

    Erin and Brian should win!

  39. Kelly Valentine Says:

    ERIN & BRIAN should win! :)

  40. Jes Says:

    Erin and Brian!!!

  41. Amy Says:


  42. Maria Candler Says:

    Erin and Brian should win this contest. What a beautiful couple, beautiful photo. So happy for both of them. Good people indeed!

  43. Susan Says:

    Brian & Erin should win the dinner gift certificate because their wedding at the mansion was fabulous. Their love was shining through with every moment and in every detail that day!

  44. Brian Says:

    I vote for Erin and Brian!

  45. Andrew S. Says:

    Lauren & Drew, no questions asked! Not to mention they had a mighty good looking bridal party if I do say so myself

  46. Carm Roberts Says:

    As mother of the groom, I think Amberly and Erick’s wedding was so beautiful and they should win!! Everything about their wedding was great and everyone had such a wonderful time. I think it was one of the most beautiful weddings I have been to. The venue grounds were so beautiful.

  47. Karen Freiberg Says:

    …our vote is for Erin and Brian….love the photos….Karen

  48. George Roberts Says:

    The guests told me Amberly and Erick had the best wedding they had been to. The character of the mansion was great, and really captured the southern element and early 1900’s. It was a really elegant venue with beautiful grounds. People said they hadnt seen anything like it before. We felt like we were at a wedding but also back in time. The wedding put a lasting memory in people’s minds. What more could you ask for really. Martin made us feel so welcome and did a hell of a job.

  49. Erin's Grandad Says:

    Erin and Brian’s wedding was fantastic! :-)

  50. Noel Says:

    Erin & Brian!!

  51. beth Says:

    brian and erin wedding day was the best!!! they should win !!!

  52. Teresa Says:

    Brian and Erin’s wedding was so beautiful that we have recommended it to friends who are looking for a venue in Richmond. It was so perfect. We cast our vote for them!

  53. rick Says:

    erin and brian should win!! we had a great day!!!

  54. Ben Corfield Says:

    Erin and Brian should win just like the Rams will win the A-10. Boom!

  55. beth Says:

    brian and erin should win! everyone had a great time.

  56. Jon Says:

    Brian and Erin should be the winners.

  57. Tabby Says:

    Brian and Erin!!

  58. Debbie Sutton Says:

    Brian and Erin’s wedding was HOT!!!!!! And so are they!!! They should be the winners!!!

  59. Erins's Grandma Says:

    I don’t know a more deserving couple. A gorgeous wedding in a fabulous location.

  60. Sue Pfaff Says:

    Brian and Erin Sutton’s wedding was beautfiful and so much fun! They should definitely win!!!!!

  61. Erica Says:

    Lauren and Drew, no question!!

  62. Margaret Says:

    Lauren and Andrew, fabulous couple, fabulous wedding, fabulous place to be married………they were shinning with love for each other and so touching when Drew saw her start down the pathway..

  63. Cherie Says:

    I would love to see Lauren & Drew win this contest, the photo’s they took on their wedding day at the Mansion are just beautiful.

  64. Debbie Says:

    Erin and Brian should win

  65. Erin and Brain Says:

    Brain and Erin had chosen a wonderful reception location. They should win.

    Richard and Myra

  66. cc Says:

    Lauren & Drew!

  67. BD Says:

    Brian and Erin indeed!

  68. Ken Says:

    As father of the bride, Brian and Erin’s wedding was absolutely the best. I could not have asked or found a better place to have it. Their photo is one of my favorites. They definitely deserve the dinner.

  69. Blaine Says:

    Kelly and Anthony!!

  70. Katelin Says:

    BRIAN & ERIN!!!!
    BRIAN & ERIN!!!!
    BRIAN & ERIN!!!!
    BRIAN & ERIN!!!!
    BRIAN & ERIN!!!!
    BRIAN & ERIN!!!!
    BRIAN & ERIN!!!!
    BRIAN & ERIN!!!!
    BRIAN & ERIN!!!!
    BRIAN & ERIN!!!!

  71. Chassell Says:

    Brian and Erin! We drove from Michigan for their wedding and they made it every bit worth our while! Such a beautiful wedding and we had!!

  72. David walker Says:

    Brian and Erin should win. They are wonderful, and a good hearted couple!!! Go Redskins…….. Next season!

  73. Lorraine Richardson Says:

    Brian and Erin should win

  74. Ray Says:

    Brian and Erin. Way to go

  75. Savannah Brumfield Says:

    Lauren and Drew’s wedding at the mansion was beautiful. We went to several weddings last year and it was by far the most elegant and fun!

  76. Jeff Roberts Says:

    Amberly and Erick!!!

  77. Tami Bowes Says:

    My sister Amberly and Erick hands down!!

  78. Rachel Says:

    Amberly and Erick should totally win! Their wedding was amazing and they deserve it! I love them!!!!

  79. Leah Says:

    Amberly & Erick!! One helluva weekend!

  80. Steve & Terri Says:

    Brian & Erin had the wedding venue of the century

  81. RC Lavender Says:

    Brian And Erin should win!

  82. Erica Says:

    Erin & Brian!

  83. Jason Says:

    Amberly & Erick’s is my vote.

    And not just because I photographed that wedding, but because working for a couple like them, at a venue as amazing as Mankin Mansion, made what I do enjoyable and worth it. Thanks for a great evening!

  84. Betty Says:

    Brian and Erin are definitely winners!

  85. Kathryn Says:

    Brian and Erin!!!

  86. Mary Beth Says:

    Brian and Erin is my vote!!!! They are perfect for this competition! I enjoyed their location of their wedding at Mankin Mansion very much, and they definetly should win!

  87. kirsten Says:

    brian and erin are winners!!!

  88. cheri Says:

    brian and erin wedding was great, they should win

  89. jen Says:

    erin and brian should win, they are such a great couple

  90. andy Says:

    go erin and brian!!! such a good time was had by all

  91. Dan White Says:

    Such a beautiful day for a beautiful couple at a beautiful place! with that said, Brian and Erin should be the winners!

  92. kirsten Says:

    brian and erin get my vote

  93. jen Says:

    erin and brian are the best

  94. randy Says:

    erin and brian get my vote

  95. Jacqueline Wilkins Says:

    Amberly and Erick!

  96. Scott Wilkins Says:

    Amberly and Erick

  97. Lisa Hatcher Says:

    Amberly and Erick are winners!

  98. Sue Willis Says:

    Amberly and Erick!

  99. Lightnin' Larry Says:

    Brian & Erin had a beautiful wedding in a magnificent setting! Who knew such beauty was so close to Richmond?

  100. Brandy Rutledge Says:

    Amberly and Eric! :)

  101. Lindsey Says:

    Erick and Amberly!!! The best wedding, most beautiful bride and the groom wasn’t bad either!

  102. kirsten Says:

    brian and erin should win

  103. Kassie Myers Says:

    Amberly and Erick!!

  104. Nicole Says:

    Amberly and Erick

  105. Meghan Says:

    Erin and Brian!!

  106. Stacey Says:

    Erin and Brian!!

  107. Ashley Says:

    Brian and Erin Sutton’s Wedding should win! Two fabulous people, one wonderful wedding!

  108. Mandy Says:

    Erin and Brian!!

  109. Ashley Says:

    Brian & Erin … hands down – so classy!

  110. Kat Says:

    ERIN & Brian!!!

  111. Emily Says:

    Brian and Erin!

  112. Adam Wilkins Says:

    Amberly and Erick should win

  113. Tommy Wilkins Says:

    My beautiful daughter Amberly and her sweetie Erick

  114. Susie Says:

    Amberly and Erick!!

  115. Sylvia Says:

    Lauren & Drew!

  116. Norman Says:

    Lauren and Drew

  117. Leslyn Says:

    Lauren and Drew!

  118. Amanda Ellis Says:

    Lauren and Drew!!

  119. jonathan Says:

    Andrew and Lauren had a great wedding, which highlighted the best of the Mansion.

  120. jen Says:

    erin and brian!!!

  121. dawn Says:

    erin and brian

  122. jen Says:

    erin and brian should win

  123. patti Says:

    brian and erin should win, we all had a blast

  124. alex Says:

    erin and brian. for sure!!!

  125. bonnie Says:

    brian and erin

  126. sue sutton Says:

    Most definitely Brian and Erin! It was a wonderful wedding weekend!! The venue was perfect for their special day.

  127. Bonnie Says:

    BRIAN AND ERIN!!!!!!!

  128. agnes Says:

    brian and erin

  129. jan Says:

    erin and brian should win

  130. jan Says:

    erin and brian

  131. Bill W Says:

    Brian and Erin!! Their wedding was beautiful and a ton of fun! Great location, great time.


  132. Robin Richardson Says:

    Brian& Erin

  133. Elliott Richardson Says:

    Brian & Erin

  134. juliecharbonnier Says:

    amberly and erik

  135. Linda and Craig Says:

    We vote for Brian and Erin to win. May they contine to be blessed with joy and love.

  136. Chris H sr. Says:

    Erin and brian of course, talk about a hot day , a great weding

  137. Latane Sale Says:

    Erin and Bryan should win



  139. Michael Cartwright Says:

    Erin & Brian’s wedding was really nice ! They should be winner !

  140. Mike Lamb Says:

    Beautiful wedding ! Brian & Erin are the winners !

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