Distinctive Wedding Seating Displays

July 22nd, 2013

Seating displays are a magnificent way to showcase your wedding theme and personality. The seating chart is usually the first item your guests notice when arriving at your reception location, making it an ideal opportunity to make a grand impression.

However, it can be quite difficult to nail down that absolute perfect design to symbolize your wedding theme and overall reception feel. But have no fear; our experts here at Historic Mankin Mansion have compiled a fantastic list of unique wedding seating displays that will surely make your guests excited for the reception.


This display is very bright and can be used for numerous wedding themes. Simply purchase an assortment of yarn colors and types.  Once you have acquired all the necessary yarn, develop and print out nametags along with the designated table number or name. Lastly, use a fabric pin to attach the tag to the yarn. This display is not only beautiful, but the yarn is wonderful décor as well.

yarn seating display

Heart Target

The heart target is not only breathtaking, but its look is decidedly modern, making it a wonderful seating display. The idea is to create a heart shaped target and then cover with arrows. The ends of the arrows are assembled with nametags matching your wedding colors. One of our favorites!

seating display1


This seating display is wonderful for a garden wedding. Take a ladder and construct a twine railing so you can attach your nametags. Then, you can dress the ladder up any way that best suits your wedding theme. We love this concept because it is so adorable and makes for an idyllic photo backdrop.

seating display


If your wedding theme revolves around nature, then this display is perfect for you. All the greenery and flowers create a whimsical touch making guest feel they have entered into a new world.

seating display table


If you are having a vintage themed wedding, then this display is right up your alley. You can construct any backdrop to match your colors, add various picture frames and place your nametags inside. The display resembles a vintage wall and is great to dress up with trunks or a vintage chair. Stunning!

vintage seating

No matter what you choose, we are positive your seating display will be nothing short of amazing. Happy designing!

See You Soon,

~Paula & Martin Ramirez

Paula and Martin Ramirez are the proprietors of Historic Mankin Mansion, a wedding resort just minutes from Downtown Richmond. They enjoy new restaurant finds, Virginia wines and discovering fun events and activities throughout the area for their guests.

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