Six Summer Wedding Tips to Keep Your Guests Cool

May 19th, 2014

With summer on our heels, it’s high time to start preparation for making sure guests are cool and comfortable for your wedding festivities. Here are six simple summer wedding solutions that will help keep the heat at bay for your upcoming wedding!


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  1. Sunglasses- After spending the morning primping, you certainly don’t want your guests’ eyes squinting as you saunter down the aisle in your lovely gown. Sunglasses are the perfect solution for outdoor weddings, especially for those guests who forget their own shades. To complement your theme, make sure they are in your wedding colors!
  2. Flip-flops- Not only is this a fun way to cool-off in the summer heat, but it brings a whole new meaning to putting on your dancing shoes! Place a unique sign with sayings such as “Kick Off Your Heels” or “Save Your Soles” and it will become the perfect personal touch for this summer solution.
  3. Program Fans- A modern twist on your traditional wedding programs – have a wooden stick glued to the inside to make this keepsake a multipurpose wonder as a fan to help your friends and family cool off.
  4. Icy Refreshments- Creating your own label for bottles of water is a great way to add personality to your wedding details and will certainly keep your guests hydrated.
  5. Sunscreen- Sunscreen is quite often the one thing wedding guests wish they had slipped in their bag so anticipate this need by having a nice basket of sunscreen readily available. Your guests will appreciate the thoughtful gesture.
  6. Chilled Towels or Mist Sprayers- Work with your venue or caterer to have someone greet guests into the reception with chilled towels or miniature spray bottles filled with cool water. Your guests will certainly be thankful for this refreshing treat!

Happy planning!

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Paula & Martin Ramirez

Paula and Martin Ramirez are the proprietors of Historic Mankin Mansion, a wedding resort just minutes from Downtown Richmond. They enjoy new restaurant finds, Virginia wines and discovering fun events and activities throughout the area for their guests.

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