Ensure a Stress-Free Wedding

June 1st, 2015

We’ve all heard the stories of bridezillas and their crazy antics attributed to the stress of planning a wedding. Of course, you don’t want to be a bridezilla – so, why not just take the stress out of your wedding? You’ll just have to believe us when we say it’s not as hard as it sounds (or you could just keep reading)! Let’s look at a few ways to minimize the headache and cut back to one glass of wine per day…


Credit: Kristin Parin Photography

1. Hire a planner
That’s right – you knew it was coming! As cliché as it sounds, a planner is truly your ticket to a smooth and peaceful journey to your wedding day. Hiring a planner means you have someone to bounce ideas off of, as well as help you organize all of your vendors and be sure everything is ready before the big day. They will also help with day-of coordination to make sure everyone gets down the aisle in the right order (hey, it happens!). You’ll want to, of course, check with your venue to see what services they offer in house. Although we love working with planners, for example, you’ll find that the Mansion has a wonderful planning staff to assist you with your big day.

2. Get a wedding organizer
You’ve surely seen those gigantic wedding planning books in your local bookstore. Maybe you’ve even shot a glance at the bubbly bride picking out the biggest one from the shelves. Well, we’re here to tell you that you should be picking one of those books up too. It doesn’t need to have all of the glitz and frills that some do, but it is a great way to keep yourself organized throughout the planning process. You could even DIY your organizer with a simple binder with dividers. There are a number of planning templates to be found online, so get Googling!

3. Ask for advice
Don’t let your so-called conundrums take over – ask others for advice! Whether its your planner or your family (especially those that have been there before!), others may help you to see solutions that may not have been clear before. Don’t be scared to ask questions or bounce ideas off someone – you’re not alone in this process. On that note, it helps to include your partner in all aspects of planning. Not only does it ensure that everyone is happy, but it also takes half of the burden off of you!

4. Prepare the night before
This one is self-explanatory – do not, we repeat, do NOT leave things for the morning of the wedding. The last thing you’ll want is to be rushing around looking for your right shoe when you’re supposed to be heading to the ceremony. Allot yourself some time the night before to ensure that everything is in order – your clothing and makeup are ready to be grabbed the next morning, the wedding party knows what time to arrive (and where), and anything else that needs to be wrapped up. That being said, don’t let this step keep you up. You’ll want a good night’s sleep so that you have your wits about you on your big day!

The key to a stress-free wedding is really just to relax. Know that at the end of the journey–no matter how many twists and turns–the ending will be the same: you will be wed to your truest love. And that’s really what matters, right?

See you soon,
Paula & Martin Ramirez

Martin and Paula Ramirez are the proprietors of Historic Mankin Mansion Wedding Resort. They enjoy opening their hearts & home to host countless happy couples on their most special day. They have lovingly created a private wedding estate like no other and are honored to share their dream with so many beautiful couples!

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