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The Perfect Color Palette

May 11th, 2015

There are a number of details that work together to create the perfect wedding design, and the good news is that all of these can be brought together and connected with a harmonious color palette. The color palette can greatly influence the look of your big day- a focus on muted, dusty rose for example, will be a completely different feel than a wedding with an all black and gold palette. Regardless of what color scheme you select, the key is to make sure it reflects your personal style.

You have so much choices at your fingertips, which can be both wonderful and overwhelming. Not sure where to get started? Here are a few favorite color schemes catching our eyes these days:


Neutral color palettes have been very popular over the past year. The trend can be incorporated into many different wedding styles and can also complement most spaces. Neutral beige tones have a natural, effortless look, which makes them a perfect choice for a classic event or whimsical outdoor wedding. Neutral palettes also provide the perfect backdrop for floral designs filled with crisp white flowers or lush greenery.

Aqua and Pale Pink 

If you’re looking for a truly charming color combo, look no further than aqua and pale pink. The fun color mix is beautiful for a spring or summer wedding. Just imagine how lovely bouquets of pale pink peonies would look against aqua bridesmaids dresses at a garden wedding. This is a standout choice for a couple that wants something a little unexpected.

Black, White, Pink and Gold

Combining black, white, pink and gold is a modern twist on a romantic look. Black adds a modern edge to the delicate mix of white, pink and gold. The high contrast between black and white is perfectly complemented by the rosy pink tones. Adding a metallic adds a modern shine to your wedding colors. When using this palette, we especially love the bold look of using black and white patterned linens to add an extra pop of interest to your wedding design.

What are your favorite wedding color combinations? Feel free to share in the comments!

See you soon,

Paula & Martin Ramirez

Martin and Paula Ramirez are the proprietors of Historic Mankin Mansion Wedding Resort. They enjoy opening their hearts & home to host countless happy couples on their most special day. They have lovingly created a private wedding estate like no other and are honored to share their dream with so many beautiful couples!